Free simpoints

How to get free simpoints

SIMPOINTS are the virtual currency used by a player for playing SIMS games. It is displayed on the top right side of the screen. A player cannot earn SIMPOINTS, he need to purchase from SIMS site or should earn free SIMPOINTS.

How to get free simpoints

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SIMPOINTS makes the game more interactive and interesting. A player can purchase exciting content for the game, such as clothing for SIMS character, sets of furniture or can buy a new world for the SIMS. It could be customized according to the players need. The player can create a SIMS character and its family and can share on SIMS exchange store for other players to download. The SIMPOINTS are non-transferrable and could be redeemed within the SIMS store only.

SIMPOINTSare available on SIMS website on purchase or by downloading it through official SIMS website. But the most convenient way is too earn free SIMPOINTS rather than spending money.

How to earn bonus SIMPOINTS?

  • First complete all the registration, login procedures and register your game.
  • Look for Bonus SIMPOINTSbanner after login, on the left menu navigation under the SIMS store tab.
  • Click on the start button in order to earn the bonus.
  • After watching a short video from sponsors, the account will be added with Bonus SIMPOINTS (Subject to change). Also a message will appear on the screen stating the points will be shortly added to your account.
  • SIMPOINTS may take a longer time to add and reflect in your account, so the player need not to worry, can try refreshing the page or could check after couple of minutes.
  • This procedure could be repeated to earn more POINTS.
  • The number of videos available to view per player depends upon inventory.
  • Sometimes videos are not available to view thus bonus banner will not displayed.
  • The bonus SIMPOINTS are exclusively for USA citizens but by using mobile phones the player can manually select the region.
  • The player can share the page on any of the community like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.
  • Sometimes AD blockers can prevent you to view the page, so use the browser which is more convenient to use.
  • Once you are able to view your bonus point, you can further redeem your SIMPOINTS.
  • Click on My Account option redeem free SIMPOINT by clicking orange button and press OK.

Things to remember

  • A good and high speed internet connection is must.
  • The compatible platform’s for this game are PC, MAC, XBOX, PS3 and PS4, Wii, iPhone, iPad and Android phones.
  • Beware of websites which claims 1000 SIMPOINTS at one click as such websites can infect your device with virus.

The game gifting feature is a unique feature for SIMS player. It helps to earn SIMS “Lifetime happiness points” which is a bonus point you get whenever you receive a gift from your friends. The player should be logged in to EA account while in game in order to send gifts.

Click here to get free simpoints 


SIMPOINTS Codes are the tricks or cheats which adds life to the game. Using such codes a player can enhance the game experience thus making the game more interesting to play. The codes or tricks adds more Simoleons to the players account making everyone happy and thus gives chance to do more.

How to use Codes or Tricks:

 Type Ctrl + Shift+ C to open the command Line, where you can enter various cheat codes.

Few cheat codes are as follows (should be entered without the quotation)

  • Enter “motherlode” to add 50,000 more Simoleons.
  • “make happy” changes all moodlets to optimal.
  • “help” gives you the list of all cheats that are available.
  • “make friends for me” does exactly just that makes random friends for you.
  • “testingCheatsenabled true” will enable cheats in your game while “testingCheatenabled false” will disable shortcuts like being able to modify status bars by clicking on and adjusting them.
  • “Kaching” adds instantly 1000 more Simoleons or SIMPOINTS.
  • “familyfunds<surname><amount>” helps to add significant some of SIMPOINT to any SIM in the game.
  • “slowmotionviz<0-8>” helps to control the speed of the SIMS action. 8 is the slowest setting and 0 is normal.
  • “maptagsoff” helps to view the map without icons.
  • Whereas “maptagson” helps to view the disappeared icons.
  • “jokeplease” code enables console to tell jokes, if the player needs some change from the routine activities. If you keep entering the code new jokes will appear.
  • “freerealestate” cheat helps SIM to get a house.
  • To teleport SIM “shift + click” and teleport at your desired place on the map.
  • For adding SIM to active family, “shift+click” and edit SIM in the create SIM option.
  • For age transition, “shift+click” and trigger age transition option, SIM immediately has a birthday and becomes one stage older.
  • Deleting a SIM is quite easy “shift + click” and delete the object.

Thus using these tricks and many more cheats helps the player to add flavor to the SIMS game. The SIMS game is one of the most popular online game, which attracts all most all age groups. Its innovative idea of customizing SIMS (the characters) and their environment makes the game unique among all other games.SIM code generators helps to creates SIMS with different personalities. The player can customize everything from SIMS appearances to their homes, discover new places and also can connect with other playersonline and show their creativity.

In order to get more SIMPOINTS and its code there are various code generators tool available on various sites. The player can download code generator tool from various sites and can avail various tricks and codes. All you need to do is,

  • Enter how much simeleons required.
  • Enter lifestyle points required.
  • Check the box if you want to unlock all the Items.
  • Select the device e.g. IOS/ Android
  • Click on hack the game option and you can see the status on progress.

Get loads of tricks and codes and use according to your need.